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What is Vacayrx?

Published on October 21, 2017 by

“What is Vu-kui-rex?” “What does that have to do with Vacation Rentals?”


Perhaps the most annoying question any Founder or business owner must have to answer…what is the name of your company?


It is one that we here at vacayrx.com (pronounced Vay-cay-r-x) get a fair amount and we figured we would use this blog to answer this question once and for all.


While brand names can often be a crucial component to a successful company; and at times can be used to represent an industry standard, to conjure a perception of quality, or speak directly to what a company does, we took a very different approach when we settled on ours.


When Jesse Martinek, the Founder of Vacayrx first started thinking about starting Vacayrx the name that first came to mind was Vacation Rental Exchange. This, he thought, would speak directly to what the company that he intended to start would become. The vacation rental part was quite self-explanatory and the “Exchange” would represent a marketplace in which property owners, managers, and guests could go to learn about industry trends, find and compare products and services, and most importantly list and book vacation rental properties throughout the world.


While vacationrentalexchange.com was not available, he was able to find a slight variant “vacationrentalxchange.com” and he quickly bought the domain and began thinking about a logo that would adequately portray this domain. In this scenario, the “x” would represent a variable (or multiplication sign) and the remaining “Change” would signify what the industry needed most desperately. Together the xChange still represented the marketplace and this spoke exactly to what he hoped the company would become.


Just when he thought he had it all figured out, his what would be Co-Founder reeled him in on his idea. He adamantly stressed that anything “vacation rentals” would be a marketing nightmare and the large companies that had already bought up all the keywords would strangle out the company without ever having a chance. He urged Jesse to re-consider the name and to search the internet for something that either had nothing to do with the industry or was completely unique…so he did.


After looking high and low and trying dozens and dozens of variations, finally Jesse tried shortening things down. Vacation had commonly become referred to “vacay”, rental was abbreviated to an “r” and the x that formerly represented “xChange” was simplified leaving Vacay-R-X.


After searching domains, and seeing its availability, and searching Google and all the other top search engines and seeing absolutely nothing that related to vacation rentals or a direct match to vacayrx.com it was settled. The domain was purchased, the logo was developed, and the rest is history.


While this name still causes some consumers some confusion, and at times we have been strongly urged to re-consider, we at the company have actually come to embrace this name and the intended result has also worked out quite well. As of today, if anyone is to search Vacayrx or vacayrx.com, we literally own the first 10+ pages of Google. As we continue to grow, it is likely this may change, but this is a fantastic advantage for us for the time being and as we continue to grow our domain authority and brand recognition it is fantastic to operate without any confusion between companies.


In fact we would much prefer to have confusion over pronunciation and clarity when it comes to what our company stands for and how we differentiate ourselves within the marketplace any day.


While we are dedicated to continue growing this recognition and establishing ourselves as a brand that consumers can trust we hope that one day we can become a de facto name in the vacation rental industry and have the same type of household recognition as some of the larger players in the industry. After all, there had to be a lot of people that once said “what the hell is airbed and breakfast?”


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