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New vacation website seeks ‘personal touch’
New vacation website seeks ‘...
“Observing changes in the industry, it became evident to me that things weren’t being done in the best interest of the consumer,”
Aug 31, 2017 , 0
Vacation Rental Owners are Losing Control Over Their Own Homes
Vacation Rental Owners are L...
Originally  Posted 6/21 and Re-issued 8/6 with Updates As the push continues for direct, online, bookings by the major vacation
Aug 06, 2017 , 0
Up-and-Coming Vacation Rental Platforms Surge as Summer Heats Up
Up-and-Coming Vacation Renta...
Summer is in full swing and the vacation rental industry is busy with its seasonal travel rush. However, beneath the
Aug 04, 2017 , 0
Vacation Rentals: Why Free CANNOT Be
Vacation Rentals: Why Free C...
Vacation Rentals: Why Free CANNOT Be The vacation rental industry is in serious need of some soul searching right now.
Jul 20, 2017 , 0
The Vacation Rental Industry Deserves More
The Vacation Rental Industry...
The vacation rental industry deserves more. It deserves a reliable platform that puts its users’ interests first. It deserves a
Jun 15, 2017 , 0
Vacation Rental 2017 Preview
Vacation Rental 2017 Preview
2017 will undoubtedly be the year that the vacation rental industry is shaken up unlike ever before. In 2016, the
Jan 07, 2017 , 0
A New Era
A New Era
What if a Listing Platform for the vacation rental industry existed that allowed for full transparency? What if Owners/Managers had
Nov 02, 2016 , 0