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About Us

Vacayrx was founded to address the market need for a transparent vacation rental booking platform. We are not a mega-corporation, but instead, a small business-just like yours. We understand that our network of owners, and managers feel the same way about their homes and want to provide you the resources to be as successful as possible. Small businesses need specialized care and attention, not a one-size-fits-all approach, and we are here to deliver exactly that.

What is Vacayrx ?

vacayrx was originally crafted as short-hand for Vacation Rental xChange. In this usage, the x represents a variable for Change, and xChange (together) was in the spirit of creating a marketplace for owners and guests to get more information and resources to better the overall travel experience. Although we have shortened things to vacayrx for our common usage, we are determined to continue our mission in the spirit of positive change for owners, and guests alike.

Why Us ?

Our owners, managers, and guests choose us for several simple reasons. We deliver the easiest method of communication, the most innovation, and most customized vacation experiences, at the lowest price. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not. We do this through our intimate understanding of the industry and the evolving needs of all interested parties. We are focused on sustainability, and longevity, which requires a safe, trustworthy, and transparent network. We verify all of our owners, managers, and guests and give all parties extensive tools to streamline the listing and booking processes to make sure everyone can achieve their individual goals.